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About the yoshi token

$YOSHI token is part of our fintech ecosystem for the DEFI market and helps to handle real-time transactions via banking cards. At the moment of transaction, we consolidate the $YOSHI exchange rate to USD and handle the exchange of $YOSHI onto the chosen token using one of many $YOSHI - $FTM/$USDC/$fUSDT and other tokens

All transactions during the exchange process are used by liquidity pools and contracts of the popular third-party systems (for example, Anyswap).

Frequently Asked Questions

about Yoshi Token

How to add Fantom (Opera) blockchain to Metamask?

Visit this link https://docs.fantom.foundation/tutorials/set-up-metamask and follow the instructions to perform the adding

How to transfer FTM tokens from other blockchains to Opera (Fantom) blockchain?

You may use https://multichain.xyz (or other similar services) to transfer FTM tokens to Opera blockchain.

How can I buy YOSHI tokens?

What is the maximum YOSHI token emission?

  • 1bn tokens. YOSHI token emission increases in the following cases:
  • 1. adding support for new blockchains and bridges Liquidity
  • 2. increase of liquidity pools to maintain prices Liquidity/Price Support
  • 3. adding support of new DEX platforms Liquidity/Dex Efficiency

How does Dex aggregator work?

The system automatically checks the exchange rate and liquidity at various DEX platforms and offers you the best exchange rate.

We want to add our DEX platform to https://yoshi.exchange. What should we do?

Please mail us at [email protected] and we will provide you integration instructions

I have even more questions. What is the best way to contact you?

Please mail us at [email protected] we will respond to all of your questions with pleasure.