Integrate Widget

Widget is the easiest way to integrate Yoshi. The widget is configurable with many different parameters, web hooks, and custom UI flows.

Disable Yoshi.exchange logo

Disable DEX

Сhoose default blockchain:

Default exchange pair

From (Contract address)

To (Contract address)

Set HEX color

Frequently Asked Questions

about Widget Integrations

Why slipping tolerance is big during the swap process?

Slipping tolerance depends on the pool liquidity amount. If the pool liquidity amount is low you should add liquidity for pair [Your token – YOSHI], for example at https://anyswap.exchange

Can I remove the logo while adding Yoshi.exchange widget to my website?

Yes, just click on the “Disable Yoshi.exchange logo” checkbox in the “Integrate widget” block above

Can I specify an exchange pair by default?

Yes, just click on the “Default exchange pair” checkbox in the “Integrate widget” block above and paste in two contract addresses (From and To) for the tokens you want to set as a default pair.

Can I have only payment by a banking card option in a widget?

Yes, just click the “Disable DEX” checkbox in the “Integrate widget” block above.

I have even more questions. What is the best way to contact you?

Please mail us at [email protected] we will respond to all of your questions with pleasure







Email: [email protected]